S2E14 - Jorge Joestar Chapter 14 - Desolation Row


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S2E13 - Jorge Joestar Chapter 13 - The Enemy

This chapter is like... 40% plane fighting and I wish I could say it helped make taking notes easier but it sure didn't!

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S2E12 - Jorge Chapter 12 - Rhinoceros Beetle

Simultaneously the best and worst chapter of this fucking book.

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S2E11 - Jorge Joestar Chapter 11 - Gremlin

Better late than never am I right Patrons? 

Damn that's the first show-notes from Patreon that doesn't really work for this. Enjoy, non-patrons, for whom this is just on time

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S2E9 - Jorge Joestar Chapter 9 - Cliff

Jorge time time for Jorge! This book is good but also god-awful.

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S2E8 - Jorge Joestar Chapter 8 - Nero Nero Island

I hate this book so fucking much. I love reading it and think it's a lot of fun and all that good stuff but goddamn does it make me mad sometimes. At least Joji is back this month!

Shout out to H.G. Wells.

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S2E7 - Jorge Joestar Chapter 7 - Airplanes

I honestly don't even know what to say about this one besides "It sure was a chapter ♥♥♥♥" 

I miss Joji.

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S2E6 - Jorge Joestar Chapter 6: The Island

I love the Joji half of this book this nonsense is the fucking best. Should out to The Funniest Valentine. And Kouji. And all three of the Grand Blue dolphins.

Y'all like four dimensional constructs existing in three dimensional space? We sure don't. 

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